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In Details.

Europe based,
Asia focused.

In the beginning of 2017 I have moved with my family from Shanghai, China to Berlin, Germany. After more than 10 years abroad and 8 years in China, my focus to support and consult European clients to achieve photography and film projects in China has become even stronger.

Germany and China are world leading countries in many industries and during my work in China with my Brand agency PRISMO, I have gained tremendous insights on whats wanted for content and how this can translate to photography and film.

I have built a strong network to support your project in model scouts, locations scouts, production outsourcing, and in pulling together a creative team to achieve the very best.

Awards and

I have never cared about showing off my work or winning awards. I know its good for business, but what isn’t really back in 2008 I have done an exhibition in Nanjing with my work, sold all of it. Than I did another one online and sold 120 prints. That’s the exhibition I did.Because I never applied for awards, means that I also never got one, onlt recently a client submitted my work as a director and we won some awards. Thanks to him.

My Gear.
What I carry with me.

Throughout eight years, magazines, photographers and admirer of my work are asking me which equipment I use, which lenses I prefer and recommend. First, I am photographing with Canon since 2007, I first started with a 400D, than moved towards 5DMKII and are now shooting on a 5DMKIII. Within the first two weeks of my photography journey I purchased a 50mm ƒ1.8 for 100 USD back than, and ever since only photograph with fixed lenses for the following reasons: Zoom lenses make you lazy, let you adjust your framing, without requiring you to move, to adjust or reposition yourself when taking photographs. Fixed lenses force you to choose your frame more careful, make sharper image and will force you take a longer process before taking the actual image.

Consult your
Story towards Brand.

Originally from the advertising and marketing field, and than later stepping into the field of photography and film, backed up my foundation even more so. Understanding the creative and content needs from clients demand, and being able to translate them with the experience as a photography and production of larger projects, result in an advantage, that is hardly left to ignore.

Get in touch with me to discuss your projects to ensure your project will have outstanding results.

Now and Then.

Coming from a drawing and sketchign background, I have decided to study media design and worked parallel in advertising and design. Until the age of 25, I have never showed any interested in photography or photographers. In 2006 I have suddenly started to become fascniated by the perfection of advertising photography, because of their spotless images. Within a few weeks I have stdudied multiple photographers and within that study found my till today’s most inspirational photographers: Gregory Crewdson and James Nachtwey. Both show very much the cold truth of people treating people, but in very different ways.

In 2007 I have decided to give photography a try and see what it would hold up for me, so I quit my job and planned to travel for six months, focusing on photography. Withinin my traveltime I have always contacted photographers in various places around the world and asked if I can work for free for them in order to learn and gain experience. After eventually 18 months of photo-traveling, I returned home to Germany with 30,000+ photographs, no intesion of what to do with it. In 2009 I have moved to Shanghai and live here as a photographer and designer. Over time my photography has been more important to others than to me and feels good to create this book to make sure this chapter as a photographer is somewhat closed. Ideally I can not only continue my own way as a photographer in a non commercial way, but even better encourage other talented people to walk up the path of photography. Generally speaking to all young photographers, stop reading the internet, full of smart advices and rules. Go outside and take images of whatever makes sense to you, in any way possible.


I live in Berlin and its good for the 4 kids I have, but thats about it. I love China and New Zealand and Pakistan.

and Requests.

For inquires and requests, please send me an email with your name and company name and I’ll get back to you shortly.

info [at] pflock [dot] com

Post Production

In the digital world it is always a discussion if to retouch your images will make you a true photographer or not. I believe retouching is not allowed, but required for anything that comes out of a digital camera.

In my retouching process, I don’t delete or add elements to the images, but I enhance the parts that felt most impressive while taking the photograph: mostly dark clouds, specific color enhancement, brighten of highlights, darken of shadows. saturating and desaturing colours.

Portfolio’s and Links

Since 2018 I have joined the professional photographer union. Find my introduction here.