F L O R I A N . R I T T E R | Photography
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Understanding your story in depth.

With corporate photography I focus first on the companies brand story and discuss on how to create stories, that are unique and inspirational, always connected to the corporates message. Influenced by my specific style of editing, we will create documentary focused images, each photograph to stand out as a piece of art itself.


There is no greater force than the power of nature. It grows by itself and it can tear all apart.

The first three years of my life I grew up in France. The only memory I have of this time is one day when I have seen a sunset and the sun seem to have diameter of 50m, massive on the horizon. Later than I loved drawing trees by the age of eight and was fascinated on how they are the most peaceful creatures in the world.


I take picture of them, as an excuse to get to actually know them.

Photography for me didn’t start from a technical fascination point like film development or lighting techniques. It was just another device, helping me to visualize of what creativity came up with. I am very fascinated by psychology and love interactions, actions and reaction between people. Just the thrill to not know when someone when approaching for photographs in an awkward way stimulates the senses and allows fast insides. I don’t have the urge to talk about the people or events I have photographed. I rather have the photographs speak for themselves, which are all about the first moment of getting to know each other. I feel the urge to give people the simple idea to approach another and experience moments of connections together. People photography shouldn’t be about the photographed ones or the photographer, but the connection between the both of them.