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Corporate and Lifestyle Photography by Florian Ritter
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Charles Owens. LaLaLand saxophon solist. Keeping Owens' ears hearing is more than just keeping the man communicating. GET TO KNOW CHARLES The amazing story of someone, who wanted Jason Brügge is hearing impaired and does not let it come in the way to achieve his dreams WATCH STORY to fly high. Mini Fashion in Berlin Campaign for Easywalker What happens when mommy and daddy enjoy a free day in Berlin. VIEW CAMPAIGN World Waldorf Camps. 21st century learning. How children and teenagers discovering themselves in new environments, faced with natural challenges. VIEW SERIES

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Complementary Consultancy.

Coming from a branding background, I know its best to hear about your company’s needs, challenges or opportunities. Learn within a phone call or email conversation on how I can support you.

Featured Story.

Charles Owens.

Saxophonist Charles Owens’ 82-year-old ears have been sung into at soulful point blank range by Marvin Gaye. They were blown into with restless energy by trumpet master Miles Davis, and virtuosically vibrated night after night on tour by the eccentric Frank Zappa. For his hearing loss, only a jazz fitting will do.



World Waldorf Camp.
Global Brand Film.

World Waldorf Camp offers a very nature experienced holiday for kids to broaden their horizon, improve language skills and learn social responsibility. Watch the film and see how kids of the 21st century can learn and develop away from classrooms and black boards.

Yoshi goes to work.
Personal Film.

Yoshi goes to work, every day like most of us. He is an account in a big advertising firm and does everything possible to be efficient and don’t waste time.