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Corporate stories.

Tell it, don’t sell it. A pictures tells more than 100 words. But in the corporate world, this goal is hard to achieve, if you don’t have the funds to invest in good advertising. Corporate storytelling is ideal for revealing insides into your daily bsuiness life and stories are more fun to watch than single alone standing images.

Corporate lifestyle.

Make your business alive. For the last decade photography style shifted through social media like instagram to a much more authentic and personal vibe, and corperation and small businesses started to adjust. Showing your followers and clientel a natural and positive picture style, that carries authenticity in its images, is very beneficial for your all over brand image.

and Requests.

For inquires and questions, please send me an email with your name and company name and I’ll get back to you shortly.

info [at] pflock [dot] com


From 2003 until 2006 I studied media design at the dual university in the south of Germany. Parallel I worked in advertising as a junior art director.

In 2007 I have decided to go deep into photography and went on a 18 months long photography journey around the world.

In 2009 I have moved to Shanghai and worked partitally as a photographer and started a branding agency ‘PRISMO’.


Februrary 2017 I moved with my family to Berlin and determined my full time towards the photographing of corporate lifestyle.

Legal notice (DE)
My Gear.
What I carry with me.

I am photographing with Canon since 2007, I first started with a 400D, than moved towards 5DMKII and are now shooting on a 5D MK IV. I primarily work with prime lenses for sharper and clear imagery. My standard lenses to use are the 35mm ƒ2.0 — 50mm ƒ1.2 — 135mm ƒ2.0.

All imagery is captured solely in RAW, and I share a first broad selection in small JPG format with my clients to review and select with them.

Post Production

In the digital world it is always a discussion if to retouch your images will make you a true photographer or not. I believe retouching is not allowed, but required for anything that comes out of a digital camera.

In my retouching process, I don’t delete or add elements to the images, but I enhance the parts that felt most impressive while taking the photograph: mostly dark clouds, specific color enhancement, brighten of highlights, darken of shadows. saturating and desaturing colours.


Download my portfolios as PDF of all my work and enjoy. What else.


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