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Shanghai INESA Group is a Shanghai government owned company. IRDC is the technology department of INESA to architect, develop and enforce strategic technology path for INESA. The mission of IRDC is to innovate IoT and Cloud technology, to build advanced ICT technology development platform for INESA, to facilitate INESA strategic goal, to become a leader of Smart City technology and to provide better city life for people.

IRDC serves INESA as the core technology think tank, it develops advanced and critical products, evaluates technology/team acquisition for INESA group, also to facilitate technology company incubation. It defines and deploys strategically solution frameworks and technology programs, also provides both business intelligence and technology to support the vision and mission of INESA: A company to provide Smart City service solutions. An innovated integrated architecture called “i-stack” (INESA Stack) has been developed as the brain to provide Smart City service solutions.

Around 20 top notch engineers with averaged age 29 are working tightly in this warm family, and we are growing. With the best governmental support, we are looking for only the best to join us.

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Inesa Group, China