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Jiao Jiao

Jiao Jiao dances since she is a small child, she is incredible talented with only one difference to all her companions, she is hearing impaired since birth.

A film produced by Sonova recounts the story of a Chinese dancer with hearing loss – and how her dream comes true. The film crew travelled to wintery Harbin, China, for the shoot.

This film about a Chinese dancer is part of Sonova’s long-term storytelling concept. Individuals tell their stories and by their examples, show how they lead lives free of limitations with the help of hearing solutions from Sonova. Through these stories, viewers can experience how Sonova’s corporate vision is being turned into a reality. The films produced by Sonova only present authentic emotional portraits that transport the viewer into the world of each featured individual. This is why the ambience on the set feels like a documentary film shoot, where the aim is to capture glimpses of real life.

Jiaojiao Zhang’s story inspires courage. Despite her hearing loss, this dancer has already won national and international prizes – even though she is only 20. Achievements on this scale call for talent and iron discipline. “It hasn’t always been easy,” Jiaojiao admits in the interview. She speaks slowly, concentrating hard as she considers her words carefully. She’s not used to speaking into a microphone.

The soundtrack with her voice will eventually be synchronized with the images to guide viewers through the film. The images will also be backed with music played on Jiaojiao’s favorite instrument: the piano, whose clearly defined tones she can hear especially well. During the interview, Jiaojiao keeps moving the tip of her foot around in a circle on the floor. It’s as if her body is saying: “What are we doing here, sitting on a chair for hours and hours? Let’s dance!”


At the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2017 the film about Tianjiao Zhang won a total of three awards. The emotional portrait in film won in categories: “fairs, shows, events, conference openers” gold, “medical films” silver and “corporate video” silver.

Sonova has been shortlisted at the XXS-Corporate-Filmfestival 2017: An emotional portrait in film about the young performer’s life and dreams demonstrates how people with hearing loss can live a life without limitations.

Sonova’s film won in China the “Sustainability Best Practice Award 2017” of “Heading Toward 2040: Corporate Innovation and Urban Sustainability”. The three-month event was initiated by Shanghai Municipal Information Office, Shanghai Commission of Commerce, and Shanghai Municipal Environment Protection Bureau, and organized by Jiefang Daily, Shanghai Daily, and Eastday.com.

Sonova has been shortlisted for the European Excellence Award 2017 in the category “storytelling”: The story shows how Sonova and its product brand Phonak enable people with hearing loss to live a life without limitations; it is an example of how the company goes about realising its corporate vision.

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