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Lucy, a waitress in a foreign country, is overwhelmed by her job, until she finds her personal way to overcome the stress.

A film about how we deal with conflicts in our daily life and what music can do for you to calm down and relax and withdraw yourself from these situations.

This is an experimental film, telling about a young waitress, who is stressed at work and almost snaps out of it when a customer is getting rude, because she works so slow.

Music: Chilly Gonzales, Return of the Tearjerker

Written and Directed: Florian Ritter
Production: FR
D.o.P: Ajay Kulkarni
Sound: Alexandros Liossatos, Montserrat Carion

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Florian Ritter


Florian Ritter


Florian Ritter

Director of Photography

Ajay Kulkarni, Florian Ritter